Lake Orion Flower & Art Fair

Start date: May 12, 2017

End date: May 13, 2017

We had a PHENOMENAL event this year! 

Mother Nature smiled and the weather for both days was a very comfortable 65 degrees with a light breeze and just enough clouds to make the sky interesting. Looks like all the hopes and prayers of the staff, vendors, businesses and volunteers paid off! 

We had approximately six thousand people (the largest in event history) come in to shop, laugh and have a great time with their friends and families. People traveled in from Lapeer, Oxford, Rochester, Pontiac, Waterford, Leonard, Troy and even Royal Oak! 


We had 85 vendors set up along Flint and Broadway streets selling everything from flowers, plants and garden art to kettle corn, Polish food and beer jelly! We had home improvement vendors, as well as handmade products and non-profits. Not only were these local folks, we had vendors come in from as far as Ohio, Minnesota and Indiana! 

Check out the pie chart below showing the diversity of our vendors this year.

Since we’ve had a number of people mention they want more flowers at the event, we did our best to bring in as many as we could. A solid 17 percent of our vendors were there to sell flowers, trees, succulents and herbs and even vegetables too. That percentage is twice what we’ve had in years past! 












Thanks to Home Depot, the grassy stage in the center of Broadway and Flint Streets supplied all of our entertainers through-out both days with a unique stage experience. 

All of our performers did a fantastic job and we look forward to seeing them again next year! 

And we don’t want to forget to send a big shout-out to Tom Allport, who brought in his canopy when he saw singer Rob Norum (pictured here on the right) baking in the afternoon sun. Tom is a fantastic guy and another fine example of the outstanding community spirit you find here in downtown Lake Orion. Thanks to Tom, Rob and the rest of the entertainers had protection from the sun while they sang for the crowds!  

If you are interested in hiring any of these fine folks for your own event, below you’ll find their names and links to their websites. Tell them Molly & Pam over at the Lake Orion DDA sent you. They’ll be glad to hear from you!

Rob Norum,
Cayenne & Ginger,
 Erica Mourad,
 Robyn Marriott,
St. Joe’s Theater Troupe,
Step by Step dancers, Cruisin’ USA Line-dancers,
Hamsa Yoga,
Allan & Donna Nahajewski,
Playhouse for a Purpose
Anthony Grupido

Live Auction

We did something new this year!

image courtesy of Jim Newell of the Lake Orion Review

One of our sponsors, Real Estate Gives, partnered with three other non-profits, Love INC, The Daisy Project and Oxford Early Learning center.

They were set up around the intersection of Broadway and Flint streets. Kids played on and around them and people came from all over the area to get a peek at all three of these incredibly cool playhouses. 

The Auction was at 3 pm on Saturday and after it was all done,

Oxford Learning Center’s playhouse brought in $2800.

Love INC. collected $3800 and

the Daisy Center playhouse sold for $6150!

That’s a grand total of $12,750 going to each of these fine charities!

Thanks again to Real Estate Gives for putting together this incredibly cool experience! 

Beer Garden

It was still early when this photo was taken!

Another thing we did for the first time this year was the Beer Garden!

Sponsored by Lockhart’s and the Orion Art Center, it was located in the alleyway on Flint Street. It was open from 3 pm until the event ended at 8 pm. 

Although it wasn’t too busy at first, by the end of the evening the Beer Garden was completely packed with people. Everyone who came by said they loved it and want to do it again next year! 

With any luck, we’ll definitely make sure we do this again! 


Overall, the entire event was a tremendous success! With all the happy faces, laughter, music and food to look forward to, there’s no doubt the Flower Fair will be back again next year! 

Save the date for May 11th and 12th for next year’s Flower & Art Fair!


Thanks again to our wonderful sponsors!