Ed’s Broadway 

J.C. Predmore Building, Griggs


Joshua C. Predmore was a successful farmer who organized the Orion State Bank with Ira Carpenter in 1896. Predmore was the Orion Township clerk when he died in 1912. He was a Civil War veteran and was on guard duty the night that at the White House the night that Abraham Uncoln was assassinated.

J.C. Predmore building advertised “Dealer in dry goods, groceries, crockery, glassware, Yankee notions.” (see picture) Built in 1903. Prior to that, it was built on a frame of an 1878 building by Lanson Predmore that burned in 1902. The building last occupied by Sagebrush Cantina before it burnt down in 2004. A 1902 fire destroyed everything between the hotel and Griggs. -Courtesy Images of America

“Orion’s prominent position as a farming center was not diminished by its emergence as a resort. Figures for the week ending October 20, 1887, show that J. C. Predmore and Company shipped 5,700 bushels of potatoes and 1,000 bushels of rutabagas, requiring 14 freight cars. Ira Carpenter shipped 2,200 bushels of rutabagas during that same period.”  Courtesy Orion Since 1818 by Paul m Scott