Verwood Apartments

Park Hotel


Below are the approximate dates of the multiple names for the building now known as the Verwood:

  • 1880-1882 Cataract House
  • 1884 Swift House
  • 1901 Hotel Taylor
  • 1908-1931 Park Hotel
  • 1930’s Orion Hotel
  • 1940’s Varadee Hotel (briefly)
  • 1950’s Verwood Hotel
  • 1983 Renovated to Verwood Apartments

This southwest view of Broadway from 1958 shows the Verwood Bar

The State Theater was located at 102 S. Broadway just south of the Verwood where the new Bitter Tom’s Distillery and apartments are located. Originally it was an auto dealership. The seat count was approx. 350. It closed in 1958 and repurposed in 1962 as a youth center and for civic events. Later on the building housed a bar for 25 years.

Note the movie “Dive Bomber” on the marquee which dates this photo to 1941. Movie tickets for Saturday matinees junior prices were $.35.