Downtown Social District


A Social District provides flexibility for restaurants and bars by enabling the on-site sale and off-site consumption of alcoholic beverages in the designated “Social District” areas. The Lake Orion Village Council designated the social district commons area inside the downtown center to include all the sidewalks on Broadway from Shadbolt to M-24, on Flint and Front from Anderson to Lapeer, and the following areas:

  • Flint Street Alleyway
  • Meek’s Park at Broadway
  • and the Children’s Park bike lot area. 

Within the district,restaurants & bars obtained permits to sell Social District beverages.  The commons area is open and drinks can be sold  7 days a week from when the restaurant opens until midnight all year round.

What is bought for the social district stays in the social district!   Please do not enter any restaurant with a drink from another bar – it puts them at risk for losing their liquor license.

What does a Social District beverage look like?


When you buy a drink from a Social District Venue you will get a 16 oz disposable cup with a social district sticker and the name of the venue upon it.  This is important because, as you stroll down the street enjoying the downtown,  the social district cup is what identifies your beverage as legal.