Have you noticed all the stunning blooms through-out downtown? Do you ever wonder who takes care of them?

All of these gorgeous flowers are being cared for and maintained by our two “beautification gurus” Darby McEvilly and Scott Dodge. 

Darby is a horticulture specialist, with years of experience. She uses her vast knowledge to fill the urns at the intersection of Broadway and Flint each spring, summer and fall.
Most weeks in good weather you’ll find her on Wednesdays and Saturdays selling perennials, annuals and garden art at the Baldwin Road market.
If you’re interested in bringing her in to consult on your landscaping, reach her by email at hello@growleaves.co or by phone (586) 202-1403. 

Many mornings, while most folks are heading off to work, you’ll see long-time Lake Orion resident Scott Dodge out watering the flowers and spraying weeds. He’s responsible for watering and fertilizing 60 hanging baskets, 12 urns, the flower boxes in the alley on Flint St. the flowering beds in front of Auto Zone and Lake Orion Lumber, as well as the parklet in front of A Bean to Go and the gardens in front of the Village offices. 
A Lake Orion High School graduate, he and his wife raised two kids while he worked at General Motors until he retired just a few years ago.

When asked, Scott said he wanted to say thanks especially to the guys over at the Village DPW for all their help and support. 

We at the Lake Orion DDA would like to thank both Scott and Darby for their dedication to keeping our downtown flowers in tip-top shape.

We’re lucky to have such talented and devoted people as our beautification gurus!