DDA Board Documents

December 5, 2019

April 23, 2019

April 9, 2019

Projects Update:
Numbers correspond to items in the report

  1. Village Hall Sign Rendering
  2. Parking Map
  3. WGI Signed Agreement – Parking Deck Feasibility Study
  4. TIF Plan Update Proposals: McKenna, Rowe, WadeTrim
  5. DIA Inside Out Art Installation Map
  6. n/a
  7. Iron Belle Trailhead Grant Application
  8. Waste Ordinance Review and Recommendations, Update #4
  9. n/a
  10. n/a
  11. n/a
  12. n/a
  13. Ambassador Master List

November 2018:

Presentation to Village Council re: proposed new development on Lake Orion from Heights to Atwater.

Minutes of the special meeting:  oct 3 minute

New DDA Law reporting requirements:  pa 57 of 2018 requirements presentation

Special Rate for Elected Officials – Main Street Now Conference: Now19_Flyer

Brick Re-Sanding Bid Request: RFQ Re-Sanding Bricks 2018

Shadbolt Sidewalk Bid Request:  RFQ Shadbolt Sidewalk Construction

Anderson Angle Parking Request: angle parking anderson